Original spare parts by Element for slurry pumps are essentials to provide stable operation of a processing plant.

Slurry pumps are used in transportation of slurry through technological processes. They are not only involved in mills’ discharge, but also in the entire technological process up to tailings transportation to TSF.  

An optimally designed slurry handling solution is a key factor to provide smooth and stable operation of processing plant or any other enterprise. Element Group offers to purchase reliable spare parts for slurry pumps which can reduce equipment’s OPEX up to 20-30%. Our company develops design documentation and manufactures components for slurry pumps and hydraulic transport equipment in accordance with the requirements of current industry standards for quality and safety. 

Available types and sizes of slurry pumps

Element offers a wide range of spare parts for the following types of slurry pumps:

  • Medium Duty Pumps
  • Heavy Duty Pumps
  • Mill Discharge pumps
  • High Head pumps
  • Gravel Duty Pumps
  • Tailing pumps
  • High pressure pumps
  • Froth duty pumps
  • Vertical pumps

Range of spare and wear parts

We offer affordable spare parts for all pump sizes.

The range of wear parts includes: 
  1. Pumps’ wet-end
  2. Stuffing box
  3. Shaft sleeves
  4. Distance sleeves
  5. Lantern rings
  6. Expellers

The range of spare parts includes:

  1. Shaft assembly
  2. Bearings
  3. Shafts
  4. Spare parts
  5. End covers
  6. Different seals and gaskets
  7. Special fasteners

The range of emergency parts includes:

  1. Case covers
  2. Adjusting plates
  3. Flanges
  4. Frame/Bed plate
  5. Adjusting components

Spare part materials

Wet-end made of high-chromium white cast iron

  • AR27 ASTM 532 Grade IIIA
  • AR28 ASTM 532 Grade IIIA
  • AR30 Element standard

 Wet-end made of synthetic materials

  • Natural rubber
  • Synthetic materials

Element’s Experience 

The company with solid experience, its own design department and reliable Partners who are leading and globally renowned manufacturing plants (located in Europe, India, Russia, South Africa and China). Catalogue includes mass-produced spare parts. Design alteration of equipment can be provided per Customers’ request.  

Element Group produced more than 12 thousand pieces of spare parts and delivered more 800 tons of the product related to slurry pumps within 2020.  

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